Uno de esos poemas que pueden sonar en la mente antes de irse a dormir. Bastante simple, y realista, así mismo lo pensé.

A night on my Bed

I was on my bed one night,
Heard a noise and opened my eyes,
Saw a lizard, So small!
It could not make a sound that I could grab.
It felt my gaze and hid.
I asked myself,
How would it feel to be it?

I was on the Internet days before that night,
Surrounded by palm trees, in a very hot clime,
Scrolling down on National Geographic Net,
I saw a picture of a colony of penguins,
And I asked myself
How would it feel to be one of them?

Latter that day,
On a public bus, full of bachata, and milky taste,
I saw a little girl resting her head on her dad ́s chest,
Sat beside them,
there were no more sits,
and I asked myself,
How would it feel to be her?

I went home after that,
Stood before the mirror
that faces the window
where the sun rises,
Looked my reflection and I surely asked
How would it feel to be a sun rise?

That night, that I was on my bed,
That a sound woke me up, as if it came from my own head,
after all these questions that I randomly made,
I stayed like a mummy, like a still lake,
and heard my heart, again:
How would it feel to be myself?