Mensajes Nocturnos, es una serie de escritos cortos que llegaron durante algunas noches del otoño 2015. Estos escritos son parte de una serie de pinturas que a la vez estaba trabajando, la cual nombre igual: Mensajes Nocturnos.


Messages from the Night

A bird´s song is like a hair´s wave,

That falls on a forehead that walks with no memories.

My forehead hides the sun, moon light and a hollow,

From where I weave these verses, towards wholewhere.


Sometimes one can step into a new song,

The sound of the Universe,

This verse is infinite,

And if you enter you can scape not.


One can seat on one´s heart and lisent,

there are many beautiful songs, so many poems and noises,

but to hear is always the same. 

One can seat on one´s heart and observe,

there are many things happening,

many beautiful landscapes, some old, some lame,

but to see them is always the same.

One can seat in one´s heart and feel,

there is love, fear, happiness...

but feelings are feelings and to feel them is always the same.

I don´t want to change anything,

if everything changes itself,

I want to seat in my heart and experience,

my perception towards perceiving everything as a unit,

everything as the same.


There are two because there is one, one, one, one. 

Like win win win, like wind wind wind.