Escribí este performance y lo realicé  varias veces en mi imaginación. El objetivo era poder asumir de forma psíquica lo que entendía a nivel intelectual. 

Sun & Monn Performance

I live inside of a routine, which for me is just another way of saying ritual. Routines are rituals, just as the sun and moon are symbolic rituals of nature. My days are full of rituals that are like the sun, moon and absolutely anything that happens outside of me. Inside, however, exists a most amazing empty space. 

This performance is of opposites.   

The elements used in the performance suggest delicacy and fragility.  The layout of the space refers to discrimination, rejection and delivery. It deals with pain, vulnerability, and the beauty of their acceptance.

The drawings accompanying the Sun and Moon Performance are based on my relationship with the moon and the sun.  In my perception they carry equal parts of good and bad. However I believe the sun and moon make no distinction between the two. What I perceive as separate, they experience as whole.  

The piece consequently deals with equilibrium, wisdom, neutrality, and serenity.   

Lately, I have observed a constant fluctuation of my perception, moving almost too quickly, from one extreme to the other. This performance is a closing ritual for this state of mind that I have sustained for a long period of time and, more importantly, it signifies a leap into another level of experience. 

The main piece of this performance is a love note that arrives in a night of a full moon. It says, I'll abandon you in abundance forever.  Nonetheless, it is a love note. It denotes that love comes in every form and since this world is full of forms that are full of emptiness, there is nothing incapable of loving, or not loving. What we perceive as the absence or presence of love is just a symbolic representation of nature.  

Fall 2015.