This is a story about A mother and A son who where talking inside my head:

There, everything looks in a particular way. For now, I´will only say that it is a little bit dark, with some luminous or neon red lines. That’s how I visualize it is, and that's how I feel it too. Anyways,  A mother and A son, were talking in my head: 

Imagine an  scenario where the mother has a Biiiiigggg HEAD, and the son, has a tiny tiny tiny head. The mother is saying something to his son, something he can´t really understand, 
but he is scare of.

And that's all the story is, a mother and A son, talking in my head.

Another story  happens later, in another part of my head, this one looks  like Sunday Sunlight, it can be described as fantastic at first... Imagine the same kid, just a little bit older, looking up at the moon and thinking: that might be my mom, because I talk to you, feel you, you hear me, you have to be my mom.