This is a story about A mother and A son who where talking inside my head:

There, everything looks in a particular way. For now, I´will only say that it is a little bit dark, with some luminous or neon red lines. That’s how I visualize it is, and that's how I feel it too. Anyways,  A mother and A son, were talking in my head: 

Imagine an  scenario where the mother has a Biiiiigggg HEAD, and the son, has a tiny tiny tiny head. The mother is saying something to his son, something he can´t really understand, 
but he is scare of.

And that's all the story is, a mother and A son, talking in my head.

Another story  happens later, in another part of my head, this one looks  like Sunday Sunlight, it can be described as fantastic at first... Imagine the same kid, just a little bit older, looking up at the moon and thinking: that might be my mom, because I talk to you, feel you, you hear me, you have to be my mom.


Mensajes Nocturnos, es una serie de escritos cortos que llegaron durante algunas noches del otoño 2015. Estos escritos son parte de una serie de pinturas que a la vez estaba trabajando, la cual nombre igual: Mensajes Nocturnos.


Messages from the Night

A bird´s song is like a hair´s wave,

That falls on a forehead that walks with no memories.

My forehead hides the sun, moon light and a hollow,

From where I weave these verses, towards wholewhere.


Sometimes one can step into a new song,

The sound of the Universe,

This verse is infinite,

And if you enter you can scape not.


One can seat on one´s heart and lisent,

there are many beautiful songs, so many poems and noises,

but to hear is always the same. 

One can seat on one´s heart and observe,

there are many things happening,

many beautiful landscapes, some old, some lame,

but to see them is always the same.

One can seat in one´s heart and feel,

there is love, fear, happiness...

but feelings are feelings and to feel them is always the same.

I don´t want to change anything,

if everything changes itself,

I want to seat in my heart and experience,

my perception towards perceiving everything as a unit,

everything as the same.


There are two because there is one, one, one, one. 

Like win win win, like wind wind wind.


Wholewhere, is a word that I often use to describe the whole as a space. I don´t know where did I heard this word, I don´t know if ever  heard it before, but I´m sure I did not invent it, there are more people who enjoy talking about wholewhere. I think soon this word will be included in the dictionary.

Finding Wholewhere

In my infinite body there is an infinite black hole that will swallow me up if I look at it. 

But if I look at you, I will wipe your tears, I´ll brighten your chest, and I´ll make your bed. 

Not because I love you, but because I have a black hole, that will swallow me up if I look at it.   


But if I look at you, I´ll draw a bird, I´ll call you heaven, and I´ll eat a cherry from a blossom branches. 

Not because I love you, but because I have a black whole that will swallow me up if I look at it. 


But if I look at you I´ll give you my hands, I´ll give up on my mind, and I´ll cover myself with a flower layette. 

Not because I love you, but because I have a black hole, that will swallow me up if I look at it. 


But if I look at you, while you look at it, you´ll cut the trails that take us everywhere. 

And I´ll be swallowed up by the infinite black hole, to find myself feeling, so tiny,  so lost,  looking for new ways for a way up. 

And I´ll make it cozy, 

in there, 

With the nightmares and the spider man's, 

searching for answers, for clues, for paths,  

That show me that I don't belong there.  


Until I see the stars that will raise me up to find a new better than ever you, 

Then from my infinite body, with its infinite black hole,

I´ll look at this new you,  to be so conscious of my way of sleeping, of the dreams I make, of my way of moving when I´m not awake.  

Not beause I love this new you, but to be so conscious of my way of speaking, of my way of thinking, of my way of feeling.  

I´ll look at the new you, who will certainly know that my way of loving is because of a black hole that could swallow me up if I look at it.   

And the new you will fabricate new trails that will take us, and my infinite body, with its infinite black hole, to wholewhere.  


Escribí este performance y lo realicé  varias veces en mi imaginación. El objetivo era poder asumir de forma psíquica lo que entendía a nivel intelectual. 

Sun & Monn Performance

I live inside of a routine, which for me is just another way of saying ritual. Routines are rituals, just as the sun and moon are symbolic rituals of nature. My days are full of rituals that are like the sun, moon and absolutely anything that happens outside of me. Inside, however, exists a most amazing empty space. 

This performance is of opposites.   

The elements used in the performance suggest delicacy and fragility.  The layout of the space refers to discrimination, rejection and delivery. It deals with pain, vulnerability, and the beauty of their acceptance.

The drawings accompanying the Sun and Moon Performance are based on my relationship with the moon and the sun.  In my perception they carry equal parts of good and bad. However I believe the sun and moon make no distinction between the two. What I perceive as separate, they experience as whole.  

The piece consequently deals with equilibrium, wisdom, neutrality, and serenity.   

Lately, I have observed a constant fluctuation of my perception, moving almost too quickly, from one extreme to the other. This performance is a closing ritual for this state of mind that I have sustained for a long period of time and, more importantly, it signifies a leap into another level of experience. 

The main piece of this performance is a love note that arrives in a night of a full moon. It says, I'll abandon you in abundance forever.  Nonetheless, it is a love note. It denotes that love comes in every form and since this world is full of forms that are full of emptiness, there is nothing incapable of loving, or not loving. What we perceive as the absence or presence of love is just a symbolic representation of nature.  

Fall 2015. 


Uno de esos poemas que pueden sonar en la mente antes de irse a dormir. Bastante simple, y realista, así mismo lo pensé.

A night on my Bed

I was on my bed one night,
Heard a noise and opened my eyes,
Saw a lizard, So small!
It could not make a sound that I could grab.
It felt my gaze and hid.
I asked myself,
How would it feel to be it?

I was on the Internet days before that night,
Surrounded by palm trees, in a very hot clime,
Scrolling down on National Geographic Net,
I saw a picture of a colony of penguins,
And I asked myself
How would it feel to be one of them?

Latter that day,
On a public bus, full of bachata, and milky taste,
I saw a little girl resting her head on her dad ́s chest,
Sat beside them,
there were no more sits,
and I asked myself,
How would it feel to be her?

I went home after that,
Stood before the mirror
that faces the window
where the sun rises,
Looked my reflection and I surely asked
How would it feel to be a sun rise?

That night, that I was on my bed,
That a sound woke me up, as if it came from my own head,
after all these questions that I randomly made,
I stayed like a mummy, like a still lake,
and heard my heart, again:
How would it feel to be myself?