Finding Home is a multi-sensory art installation by artist John Santomieri, including the sound installation of flowers and weeds on the grounds of the Graycliff Estate, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. On September 19, 2020, the artist designated six sections of the space to six Buffalo artists (among them the bio-artist Felipe Shibuya and Hunter Gordon, bassoonist from the Buffalo Philarmonic Orchestra) who communicated their ideas about home and proposed other ways of relating to nature. In Practice for Finding Home, I propose that the concept of home is a state of devotion- achievable through honest communication and present interactions with oneself and with others.- In the performance, I draw with my gestures the dialogue that I maintain with the presence of the hemp plant as well as with the whole environment and  with the visitors. The activity requires my awareness and openness to the elements, such as sound, wind, temperature, colors, smells, and etc. Contemplating them places me in a state of devotion.